October 20, 2009


As some of you may already know, Raw Radiance is getting ready to launch a new look! I am taking Raw Radiance in a slightly new direction with a modern vibe for a mainstream audience.

Why? It seems that many young adults are put off by raw foods when the lifestyle is presented as something that's too extreme or "out there". Many of the 20 and 30-somethings I know resist the idea of all or nothing, not to mention the fact that a raw lifestyle is often associated with a "hippie" movement.

I truly think that getting raw foods out into the mainstream means getting people to relate to healthy living in a way that's not foreign to them. We've got to speak to them in a language they can relate to.

So I'd love to bring a fresh new perspective on what raw foods is all about... with the message that you don't have to seclude yourself from the modern world to embrace this lifestyle. I'd love to see young professionals take on raw foods as something fresh and contemporary, and dare I say sexy! So stay tuned in the weeks to come as Raw Radiance will have undergone a makeover!

Additionally, I am working on releasing my first ebook called SpaFusion Cleanse Program, with super easy recipes for a seasonal cleanse.  More details to come!

October 8, 2009


A year ago in late September, a friend and I took off to Oahu Island in Hawaii for a 7 day juice fast. I can't begin to express just how magical the experience was.

The ocean has the most beautiful energy, washing away false negativity from all levels of our being. It was there that I fully connected to the deeper essence of who I am, and all that is real.

When you allow yourself the space and time to walk away from the illusions of day to day life, you see the clarity of what is truly authentic.

Breathing in vital life-force energy from the mineral-rich water while fasting gives the mind and body an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate on a deeper level, opening you up to a greater vision of what is real and what is possible.

You start to see yourself in a completely different light, and you see those around you for who they really are. Despite your natural desire to love and embrace the world, those who are not of a genuine heart inevitably begin to leave your life.

Connecting to the beauty of all that is, is such a profound experience it can forever shift us into a different frame of mind. We begin to live with genuine kindness, rather than from an ego driven mindset. That is our lesson! And that's how I have come to know spirituality.

If you ever get the chance to experience a juice fast in the midst of natural waters, you are in for a real treat!

Daily Juice Fast Menu:

Upon Waking - 20 oz pure, clean water
Mid Morning - 16 oz low-glycemic green juice
Early Afternoon - 8 oz coconut water
Mid Afternoon - 20 oz pure, clean water
Late Afternoon - 16 oz low-glycemic green juice
Evening - 8 oz coconut water

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