March 21, 2012


Ladies be prepared, unless you're planning a backyard wedding, going eco-chic will likely cost you a pretty penny!  Not that there's anything wrong with a casual low-key wedding.  In fact, I almost wish I would have gone with a small outdoor theme after the stress of planning mine!  Lol.

It's frustrating enough couples have to face outrageous wedding mark-ups;  add a "green" label on it and you may expect a significantly higher price tag.
This is not to say that going eco isn't worth the money or the effort.  On the contrary, with a little extra time and careful planning you can wow your guests with a stunning eco-friendly event.  Just keep some practical tips in mind. Here are a few things I made sure to include to make my BIG day eco-fabulous!

1) Electronic invitations and thank you's! I used for a clean, professional look.  It comes with an option to digitally open your invitation from an envelope - super cute!  Plus, you can upload your own designs.
2) A wedding website for all the details and info your guests will need.  Here's my personal wedding website that included much of the necessary info without having to mail out instructions.

3) Electronic gift requests. Wedding registries are overrated!  Who needs all that stuff?  We opted for a honeymoon gift fund that our guests could contribute to online!

4) Handcrafted candle holders! I made the most adorable little candle holders using recycled honey glass jars (see photo above).  Unfortunately they never made it to my wedding (lets just say mom didn't like the vintage theme I was going for).  Needless to say, they're currently up for sale on

5) Handmade favors.  It's always more personal when you can make something for your guests.  But if time and money is an issue, do what I did... use reusable spice jars filled with your favorite dried fruit.  I used unsweetened, organic dried cherries!  Yum.

6) Locally owned and operated businesses with environmentally-friendly practices.  Even if you can't afford a specific "green" product they offer, it's nice to support their efforts anyway.  For instance, booking with a flower boutique that offers both conventional and sustainably grown flowers - you may not be able to afford the sustainable option but you appreciate they offer it.

7) Venue and caterer with a zero-waste policy (this typically includes a recycle and compost service).  Many venders I spoke with who offer this service don't even charge extra for it - BONUS $$$ points!

8) Reusable rentals (linens, plates, silverware, etc).  Yes, this adds serious dollars to your event, but I can't imagine all the waste without it.  Of course, you can always use compostable plates and silverware.  I've seen some elegant options out there!

9) Botanical hair and beauty salon with natural and organic products.  This one can be tricky and costly, but worth it if you can afford it.

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