November 11, 2009


I am happy to announce that Raw Radiance is an official contributor to the Raw Epicurean blog. The lovely Ingrid of Raw Epicurean has kindly featured my article Eating for Pleasure. It's such a treat to be among her other contributors including Ani Phyo and Matthew Kenney.

Raw Epicurean recently made Sarma's list of the Top 10 Raw Food and Raw-Related Blogs, so you know it's a worthwhile read. Be sure to check out the blog at

Eating for Pleasure

We know that eating a raw diet is healthy with all its nutritional and healing benefits, but how often do we actually take the time to enjoy eating our veggies? Ever think to yourself, “If only I could just get used to the taste of greens”? Luckily, there are many wonderful ways to delight our senses and satisfy the palate eating a healthy raw diet!

Adding a dose of love and pleasure to the foods we eat can really complete the experience! Here are a few ways to start enjoying healthy eating. Read more...

November 9, 2009

LISA PARIS - The Original Raw Gangsta

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Paris of Lisa is taking the raw movement by storm with some original freestyle beets on raw living. If you have yet to read up on the raw beet, you’re in for a sizzle! Check out this one of a kind exclusive interview as Lisa throws down some raw vegan love...

How did you first get turned on to raw foods?

I’d love to say during a high-speed police chase… Just as I was about to flip my car, I pounded my first green smoothie and KAPOW! My body surged with energy, my vision improved, my reflexes: catlike. It was that green smoothie that got me down to the Tijuana border unscathed to then have the power of raw foods turn my crime laden life around, opening a raw foods shelter for beguiled orphans and legless puppies alike…

In reality, I just wanted to get rid of my ghetto booty. Once I learned that was possible in conjunction with raw tiramisus and chocolate, I was hooked.

What does a day in the life of the raw beet look like?

I challenged myself to 30 days of mile running recently and then fell in love with the act. I usually kick my morning off by playing 80’s jogger set to LOUD music.

Monotony drives me nuts so I change up how I grub on the daily. In the mornings I’m either making green juice, munching on fruit or quite possibly dabbling in the green smoothie.

I enjoy freestyle wrappin’ in the kitch so lunch and dinner usually consist of some sort of funkadelic collard wrap or massive green salad. Much of my time is also spent picking fresh veggies in the garden while trying to dodge our toe-pecking chicken. One day I will learn how to properly exorcise the demons out of that bird.

In terms of business “I’m a hustler baaaby”. I dropped two months ago and am working to make about 1.5 million different things happen with it. The response has been phenomenal and I am pumped to get to work all day on what I love: Raw Vegan Shenanigans.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

Biggie Smalls and Osho. Puff Daddy and Louise Hay. Tribe Called Quest and Natalia Rose. Zach Galifianakis and David Lynch.

When it comes to the Beet’s muses it’s a mixed bag…

How has living the way of the raw beet changed you?

Going raw has seriously united me with mother earth. Previously uninterested in the great outdoors, I grew up under the mantra “my idea of ‘roughing it’ is a hotel without room service”.

All of this changed after becoming a raw vegan super gangsta.
I love being outside now, something totally unheard of for the Lisa Paris of my past. I feel like I see things more clearly now. I see beauty in the earth, I get down with the green.

Another paramount change has been the courage to rock who I really am. It can seem cohesive to fully embrace a new lifestyle by taking on the general identity of its members. Yeah, I’ve gotten all kinds of barefoot at the raw food festivals, and have loved it, but I’ve chosen to remain my gangsta self at the same time.

What message is the raw beet bringing to the streets?

Being a raw vegan is hardcore and many deem raw veganism an extreme lifestyle. It’s intimidating. Not everyone is ready to take the leap into full-throttle raw, but everyone can benefit from eating more raw foods.

My aim is to make this lifestyle accessible to all through humor. Everybody loves the funny and the “funner” (I love using that non-word), you make raw foods the more interested and willing people become in attempting to better their diets.

There is a gangsta within us all, trying to emerge. Feed her some cacao and see what happens.

November 4, 2009


Just came across this FREE documentary film... A MUST SEE!

Real N' Raw is a fun look into the simple steps towards a healthy, vibrant life – Disease is NOT a mystery! Do you want to live with abundant energy, more than enough to get through the day with ease? You know the age old saying “You Are What You Eat”? Well, it is real and it works.

Hear the testimonies of celebrities, doctors, leading nutritionists, chefs and common folk who have healed all manner of disease through simple methods without medical intervention. Share in the delight of fresh whole raw living foods and how something we all do three times a day can transform all aspects of our life. Its not a miracle, it is not a magic pill, it doesn’t cost the earth, it’s simple, it’s easy and it’s fun.

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