December 24, 2011

November 24, 2011


Cranberry Sauce (Chunky Variation)

3 cups fresh cranberries
1 heaping Tbsp raw honey 
1/4 orange, peeled and seeded
1/4 tsp cinnamon

Process thoroughly using a standard food-processor.   

*Note:  Orange adds a floral depth, but can slightly overpower the cranberries.  Juice of orange carries a milder flavor profile but would result in a runny sauce. 

Cranberry Sauce (Pureed Variation)

3 cups fresh cranberries
4 medjool dates, pitted 
1/4 cup juice of orange
1/4 tsp cinnamon

Soak dates in orange juice for 10 min to soften.  Transfer dates (with juice) into a high-speed blender.  Add cranberries and blend until smooth and creamy.

November 22, 2011


The brand NEW Raw Radiance website is officially here... and it's LIVE.  ♥

November 20, 2011


I'm back, and ready to launch my new RAW RADIANCE website!  The official release date is coming up in just a couple of days on Nov 22nd, 2011 

The website has been in the works for some time now, and I'm happy to say it's finally here!  Although ironically, the completion of the site has come at an interesting time in my life.

In case you're wondering what in the world I've been up to over the past few months, I have some exciting news!  I just got married ♥  

Hugh and I were engaged in May and jumped head first into planning our eco-inspired 11.11.11 wedding.  (Details and photos coming soon!)  

So not only have I embraced a new chapter in my life with my new husband, but I've also been contemplating a new direction for Raw Radiance over these past few months.

After much thought and some soul searching, I've decided to shift my focus and broaden my message to encompass the bigger picture of health.  (Of course I'll still share my raw recipes!) 

Moving forward, I'm hoping to put a stronger emphasis on spirituality and lifestyle, because there simply isn't a one-size-fits-all diet, and health is about so much MORE than just what we eat!  It is equally about what we think, how we feel, who we surround ourselves with, and the environment in which we choose to live.

In the upcoming weeks and months I'll be sharing more on my new philosophy for living a healthy and vibrant life.  Until then, please stop by and check out my NEW website on all things raw food, launching Nov 22nd, 2011.

With love and radiance, 

September 4, 2011


I've got some exciting news to share!  Super Raw Life Magazine recently asked me to become a regular contributor to their awesome publication... be on the lookout for more recipes and lots of raw love from me!

In case you haven't heard, Super Raw Life Magazine is a FREE online publication with articles, recipes and inspiration on all things related to the raw food lifestyle – doesn't get better than that!

If you haven't had a chance to download a FREE copy, here's the link for the latest summer issue...

My article, Got Sunshine in Your Diet? and Spicy Mango Salsa recipe is on page 31.  Be sure to get your FREE copy, and spice up what's left of the summer with my super spicy salsa!

August 11, 2011


So I've got a fresh batch of my absolute favorite granola EVER in the dehydrator at this very moment, and I'm trying my very best to keep my hands out of it!

As long as I've got some time to spare, I figure I might as well share this super tasty recipe... hoping it'll keep me busy and my hands out of the kitchen long enough for the granola to finish dehydrating!

So here it is.  And just a heads up, you may want to make yourself a second batch!  Start with 2 cups of your favorite nut and seed combo.  Here's what I typically use...

1 cup almonds 
1/2 cup walnuts
1/4 cup pumpkin seeds
1/4 cup sunflower seeds

Soak the nut/seed mix overnight (8 hours) using fresh, clean water.  Rinse thoroughly and drain.  Transfer into a large glass bowl.  Next, make a sweet banana coating...

3 pitted dates (soaked 10 min to soften)
1 ripe banana
1 Tbsp raw honey
Pinch Himalayan salt

Soak dates and discard the water (or drink it).  In a blender, combine dates, banana, honey, salt and blend until smooth and creamy.  Transfer the mixture into your nut/seed bowl and give it a stir.  

Mix in the following ingredients and dehydrate 18-24 hours on 118 degrees F (depending on how chewy or crunchy you like your granola).

1 cup blueberries
1 ripe banana, diced

Final step. Try not to eat it all before it's done dehydrating!

August 10, 2011


My family emigrated from the former Soviet Union when I was just a young girl.  As my parents struggled to make a living in a new country, my father often brought leftover pizza home from his delivery job.   

On weekends I remember exploring endless varieties of packaged foods at the supermarket.  I was very intrigued, as grocery superstores did not exist in our small Russian town.  Like many, we were drawn in by the convenience of cheap T.V. dinners.  

It wasn’t long before I started to develop addictive tendencies toward processed foods.  And sure enough, by my teens I found myself frequently binge eating and yo yo dieting. 

In my mid-twenties I began transitioning to a vegetarian diet, and even though I knew better, I ended up turning into a junk-food vegetarian.  I justified my eating habits thinking, "surely I'm healthier than the average person if I cut out meat, right?"

But I started gaining weight and eventually found myself in and out of depression.  I was overweight, in a relationship I wasn't happy in, climbing the corporate ladder – I felt trapped.

I had reached a low in my life, where even my closest friends found my negativity draining.  So I continued to mask my pain with the comfort of food, while deeply resenting my destructive eating behavior.

It felt as though food was at the center of everything that was wrong in my life.  If only I could release this addiction, I’d no longer feel tempted and manipulated by food.  I would slim down and feel comfortable in my own skin.  I would have the confidence to pursue the life I had always envisioned.  I blamed my compulsive behavior with food for not having achieved any of these things.

The final straw was when I looked up my Body Mass Index (BMI) and realized that at 5’2” and 170 pound, I was in the first stages of obesity.  I immediately signed up with the L.A. Weight Loss program but I strongly resisted their eating plan, which heavily focused on processed energy bars.  I was faced with the realization that I desperately needed a new start with a focus on health, not just another weight-loss gimmick.  

Food represented something destructive in my life, and I needed to change that relationship.  I had to associate food with something positive and healing.  More importantly, I knew that if I didn’t change the direction of my life, I would end up settling for a life I didn’t want.  I desperately needed to feel purpose and meaning again.

I sat down and reevaluated every aspect of my life.  Who was I living for, anyway?  Was I trying to please my family, live up to the expectations of my peers, or fit some ideal that our culture values?  As far as I could tell, the ideals I was trying to live up to were only suffocating me.  My life was headed down the wrong path fast.   

I had to create my own set of values to live by.  I needed a strong, positive belief system that would carry me through on a path to fulfillment.  So I defined how I wanted my ideal diet and lifestyle to look like, and what real health meant to me.  It was then that I realized I wanted to pursue healthy living.   

I felt liberated knowing I could finally start living my life on my own terms, for my happiness.  As soon as I made that decision, Life immediately embraced me with guidance. 

I was already familiar with raw foods when I attended a lecture that mentioned a book by Victoria Boutenko, author of Green for Life.  I picked up the book as it was being passed around.  To my surprise, I instantly recognized Victoria’s picture on the back cover.  

Victoria Boutenko, who founded the green smoothie revolution, is also a first generation Russian immigrant.  Years ago when Victoria’s family lived in Colorado she was acquainted with my mother.  She gave a lecture on raw foods for a few of my mom’s friends at our home.  I was only in my early teens but I remember her lecture   quite well.  This was long before “raw foods” was a commonly used term.  

What’s interesting is that 14 years later Life would bring me back to Victoria’s message – coincidence?  I think not!  Shortly after reading her book, I found out about the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute specializing in raw vegan cuisine.  By that point, I could no longer ignore the obvious.  I had to follow the guidance. 

So I did the unthinkable – I walked away from my life.  I called off the relationship, quit my 9-year career, cashed out my 401k, packed up everything into storage, and took off to pursue my passion for healthy living. 

I completed the Gourmet Raw Food Chef & Instructor certification at the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, and since my return from completing the program I have maintained a primarily high-raw diet. 

Eating a clean, natural diet has connected me back to my body.  Food has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  But I recognize that it’s an ongoing journey.  I try to stay flexible as I continue to evolve and fine tune my diet and lifestyle.  I have learned to let go, and not get down at times when I’m not at my best behavior.  I give myself love and understanding every step of the way. 

Issues around eating, whether expressed through binging or starving, are a form of punishment and self-sabotage.  As I continue to love and accept myself, I find I have far less self-destructive tendencies.  Because after all, I have a choice, the choice to live vibrantly healthy!

July 23, 2011


What do you do when you're blessed with an abundance of fresh herbs and you're looking to get creative?  You make raw ice cream!  

That's right, incorporating fresh herbs into raw desserts has become one of my latest intrigues.  It's so much fun discovering new flavor infusions.  The possibilities are endless!  This one is a citrus-thyme combo – fragrantly sweet, slightly zesty, and oh so divine! 

Start by making your own homemade thyme infused raw honey... 

Lemon-Thyme Ice Cream

1/3 cup raw honey
2 Tbsp fresh thyme, minced

Stir in fresh, minced thyme into raw honey and allow to infuse overnight.  

1/2 cup cashews (soaked 2 hr)
1 cup water
Juice of 1 lemon
1/4 cup melted coconut oil
Pinch Himalayan salt

Soak cashews to soften, rinse and drain.  Blend all ingredients (expect the thyme infused honey) until smooth and creamy.  Add honey in at the very end and blend on low to incorporate.  Pour into an ice cream maker, following the manufacturer's instructions.  That's it!

*If you don't have an ice cream maker, you can freeze the mixture in a glass container overnight... comes out just as good!

July 22, 2011


Looking for a low-glycemic treat to satisfy your sweet tooth?  Look no further, this one's a must try!  It's very reminiscent of a chocolate-peanut butter combo... yum!

If you can believe it, I'm ONLY using ripe bananas to sweeten this entire rich and creamy tart.  Yep, you heard me right – no agave, no honey, not even dates!  And yet it's delicately sweet and super satisfying!  

With this one of a kind dessert, you've got my thumbs up to indulge your sweet cravings!


3/4 cup raw almonds (soaked and dehydrated)
1 ripe banana (diced and dehydrated)
1/2 Tbsp melted cacao butter
Pinch Himalayan salt

Soak almonds overnight, rinse and drain.  Next, dice a banana and dehydrate (along with the almonds) for about 4 hours at 115 degrees.  

Using a mini-food processor, process all ingredients for a sticky crumble-like consistency.  Form a crust inside a 4-inch tart pan and place in the fridge to solidify.  


1 ripe banana
2 Tbsp almond butter
1 Tbsp raw cacao powder

Process all ingredients using a mini-food processor until smooth and creamy.  Transfer into the tart and refrigerate for another 30 min before serving.

Keep in mind, organic raw almond butter is hard to come by!  I've even struggled to find some at a health food store before.  So I typically order my almond butter online, along with my cacao products.  Here's my source for almond butter... 

June 21, 2011

May 23, 2011


3 large kale leaves, minced (stem removed)
2 whole sun-dried tomatoes (soaked to soften)
1 small tomato
1 Tbsp minced onion
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 tsp balsamic vinegar 
Himalayan salt to taste
Small handful pine nuts (for garnish)

Finely mince the kale and massage to soften.  Using a mini-food processor, pulse all remaining ingredients (except for the pine nuts) and mix in with the kale.  Garnish with pine nuts and serve!

May 20, 2011


Over the years I've found that eating high-water content fruits and veggies makes a huge difference in helping my skin stay soft in our dry Colorado climate.  But beyond the fruits and veggies, pure clean water is by far the best thing we can do for our skin (regardless of what climate you're in).  It's always the simple things that are the most effective!

Staying well hydrated does wonders for my skin.  In fact, if I start to feel my face getting dry, I know it's time for a tall glass of water.  But I don't always enjoy forcing it down.  So my solution?  I like to add slices of fruit to a pitcher of water for a subtle hint of flavor and fragrant aroma.  Always does the trick!

Here's a simple recipe from my SpaFusion Cleanse ebook that makes getting that 8 glasses of water down oh so irresistible!  This lovely infusion has a light, delicate strawberry flavor and makes a delightful summer beverage.

Lemon Balm Strawberry Water

1 small pitcher of water
1 Tbsp lemon juice

2 strawberries, thinly sliced into rounds

Refrigerate 20 minutes before serving.  Try adding edible flowers for a nice, refreshing touch!

April 26, 2011


Have you guys met the beautiful raw chef Steph?  Watch out for this girl, she's one awesome lady on a mission to spread raw vegan love!  

Steph recently contacted me for an interview (you can read the interview on her blog at  I love connecting with like-minded women doing amazing things!  It's always such a gift when we can support and uplift one another. 

What I love about Steph is her kind and genuine presence, not to mention she's an awesome raw chef!  Just check out her vid below and you'll see what I mean.  Those kickin' kale chips look amazing Steph!

April 14, 2011


Cleansing seems to be a theme for me this year.  I kicked off 2011 with the SpaFusion Cleanse coupled with a series of colonics.  It was a wonderful experience with a few ups and downs (due to some detox symptoms), but an absolute great way to start off the year!

I was thrilled to try colonics for the very first time.  I signed up for a 6-session series, twice a week, and I've continued with a maintenance session once a month.  I did a fair amount of research on colon hydrotherapy, and I was careful to find a therapist who I resonated with.  I was also very careful to find a practitioner who uses the best quality water.

After calling around town, I found a local colon hydrotherapist who uses the gentle Woods Gravity Method, along with triple filtered UV water.  This method resonates with me because it doesn't use machines, motors, or pumps. Instead, it uses gravity to gently awaken the bowels, promoting release.

I was fortunate to connect with the lovely Karen of, a raw foodie who trained under Natalie Rose, author of The Raw Food Detox Diet. The first colonic was definitely my most memorable!  I was in colonic euphoria that entire next 24 hours, in pure and utter bliss.  My body felt so light and free.  But as my body began to release years of stored waste, a few of the sessions that followed were more challenging. 

The cold weather also made it difficult to maintain the cleanse (I may try it again during the summer months), so I slowly transitioned back. But luckily, I was inspired to pick up a copy of The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates shortly thereafter. 

The Body Ecology Diet is a challenging program (at least it was for me) that takes you completely off of sugar, and all other stimulants for that matter!  And when I say NO sugar, I mean no sweeteners, no fruit, nada, zilch!  The book mentions a handful of symptoms (related to candida) that the raw food diet alone, including a low-glycemic juice fast, has never been able to correct for me.  So here I am cleansing yet again, this time with a stronger focus on probiotics, food combining and less SUGAR! 

I feel like this book came into my life just at the right time and for a reason.  This program feels like a much deeper, and much needed cleanse.  Truth be told, I only lasted 10 days on the initial stage of the program (no grain, no fruit, no alcohol, no starchy veggies, no tomatoes, not even gum or sweetened toothpaste).  Literally, nothing with any trace of sugar or anything that metabolizes as sugar passed my lips.  Hands down one of the more challenging cleanses I've attempted yet.  In those brief 10 days I went through a pretty intense detox and severe withdrawal symptoms.  Nothing like the mild detox from going high-raw almost 4 years ago.  

It just goes to show how many of us (even those of us who are healthy), are completely addicted to sugar.  I was shocked to realize how strongly sugar affects my body.  I'm seriously starting to think that sugar (in ALL forms) is one of the most commonly overlooked toxins in the health movement.

Even though I didn't complete the entire program, I have to say, I will never look at sugar the same way again.  Going forward I hope to play around and find a more balanced approach to creating raw desserts - those that are much lighter, low-glycemic, and definitely far less stimulating!

March 30, 2011


I'm so excited for the second issue of Super Raw Life Magazine!  This is a FREE publication featuring articles and recipes to help inspire you on YOUR raw food journey!  

I'm so grateful I've been asked to contribute to this beautiful magazine again! The March 2011 Issue kindly features my Raw Chocolate recipes (along with wine pairing) from my Raw Chocolate & Wine ebook!  Be sure to download a FREE copy and check it out! Just subscribe as a member at to access your FREE copy!  Easy as pie.

Super Raw Life Magazine is a source of information with the vision of inspiring you to transform your lifestyle and body naturally.  It is released quarterly and the e-magazine is available internationally at no cost.  When there is so much abundance there is no need for lack.  Our quarterly e-magazine is a platform to highlight those who are making a difference and in the process enable us to share and inspire our readers.

February 14, 2011


I've been secretly working on a FREE Valentine's surprise gift for the past few weeks!  I thought it might be fun to share my love of raw cuisine with all of you on Valentine's, not to mention it's super fun just to share recipes!

The ebook shows you how to prepare this delicious recipe in one of two ways, as an elegant cheezcake or two romantic martini parfaits.  So if you're looking for a healthy dessert this Valentine's, this is one recipe you can't go wrong with!

Regardless of how you choose to prepare it, you’ll absolutely love this luscious, rich dessert.  It's that good!  And unlike most raw desserts, there's only one nut ingredient in the entire recipe - so it's much easier on the tummy!

To get your FREE copy, all you have to do is subscribe to the Raw Radiance eZine. It is my newsletter with articles, updates, my favorite recipes and so much more!

Just subscribe below, and I'll personally email you this delicious ebook!  Already a subscriber?  Not to worry, you should already have your copy waiting for you in your email inbox!

February 11, 2011


Need recipe ideas for all your leftover almond pulp?  Here's one you'll love...

Chocolate Fudge Tart

1/2 cup almond pulp (from almond mylk)
1/4 cup cacao powder
1 Tbsp lucuma powder
1 Tbsp mesquite powder
1 tsp maca powder
1/4 tsp Ormus Supergreens (optional)
Pinch Himalayan salt

Using a mini-food processor, pulse all ingredients to incorporate.  In the meantime, warm and melt the following ingredients in a small glass jar immersed in hot water...

2 Tbsp raw honey
1 Tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla extract

Once melted, pour the mixture over the dry ingredients in the food processor and pulse until a dough-like consistency is formed.  Transfer the dough into a 4" spring-form pan and press down evenly.  Sprinkle with ground coconut flakes and refrigerate for 1 hour before serving.

*NOTE:  For best results, use fresh or refrigerated almond pulp, not dehydrated. 

February 7, 2011


There is so much talk and confusion about what to eat and how to eat, it's crazy!  Some people swear by the macrobiotic diet, some swear by the raw food diet, yet others swear by the paleo diet. 

With so much conflicting information out there, how does one decide which approach is right?  And to confuse matters even more, you see people shifting their lifestyle overnight from one extreme to the next.  Whether it's from the standard American junk-food diet to 100% raw vegan diet, or from a 100% raw vegan fruitarian diet to an all meat-based paleo diet.  You may be asking yourself, what in the world is going on?  Well, here's how I've learned to stay balanced as trends change in the health movement.  

As different as each of these diets are (macrobiotic, raw food, paleo), there is one crucial aspect they all share, so lets look at that first.  What is the one thing these varying diets all have in common?  They ALL exclude processed foods!  So we can at least rest assured that processed foods are completely out of the question.  Okay, now that we've identified what we absolutely shouldn't eat, lets figure out what we can consider as healthy options.

The way I prefer to approach this delema is to look at what each diet offers and learn from each one - because there is truth in each one of them.  The macrobiotic diet, for instance, focuses on ancient whole grains.  I can see the value in that.  Does that mean the majority of my diet should only be grains?  Of course not.  But it does indicate that fiber-rich whole grains may be beneficial.  So I like to include some ancient gluten-free grains in my diet.

What about the raw vegan diet that everyone raves about? This lifestyle stresses fresh, living, chlorophyll-rich plant foods.  I completely resonate with that.  For this reason I like to load up on a ton of fresh fruits and veggies and leafy greens!  Is my diet exclusively raw vegan?  No, because again other foods have value as well.

As far as the paleo diet, the main focus here is to eat locally and wild much in the same way tribal cultures eat.  That makes sense.  Okay, so I draw inspiration and wisdom from this view and start incorporating more local and seasonal foods, along with wild edibles when available.  

I may even consider introducing wild game into my diet at some point.  If and when I'm ready to make that transition, you can bet I'll find a local, sustainable farm that raises their animals organically, ethically, and pasture-fed.  Does that mean I'll be eating meat every day?  Absolutely not, but I may consider trying 4-6 oz once a week.  (This is something I intuitively feel would be a wise step for me in preparation for a pregnancy, when the time is right.)

What I'm hoping to achieve ultimately, is a balanced diet by drawing on the wisdom of different views.  I never understood why so many of us feel like we need to adhere to any one extreme.  Why not get the best of all worlds and find a happy medium that includes a little bit of good from everything?  

So if you're trying to make sense of all the confusion out there, my best advice is to take what resonates with you (and what actually works for your body), and leave the rest out.  Create a custom lifestyle plan that honors your body and soul.  For me personally, I never cared much for restricted diets.  If you've ever read any of my previous posts, my primary aim has always been to create a healthy balance.  And that's what allows me to stay grounded, even in the face of changing trends.

If you're still unsure and would like to hear what the experts say, check out The Great Health Debate.  This is a FREE online event going on RIGHT NOW!  Some of the leading health experts in the field debate the question of plant-based versus whole-food diets.  Find out what they have to say as they go head to head, with some serious research to back up their claims!  Just go to and sign up for FREE.

January 31, 2011


Goji-Apple Sunrise Granola

1 small apple, cored and chopped
1/2 cup almonds, dry
1/4 cup sunflower seeds
1/4 cup coconut flakes
1/4 cup goji berries
1/4 cup golden raisins
1/8 tsp cinnamon
Pinch Himalayan salt

Handful blueberries, to garnish

Soak almonds overnight (8 hours), rinse and drain.  Spread out the almonds on a paper towel for about 1 hour to dry out.  Add all ingredients to a food processor and pulse to incorporate.  Garnish with blueberries and serve with almond mylk

January 27, 2011

White Chocolate Raspberry Martini Parfait

Check this out!  Living Light Culinary Arts Institute wants YOU to RAWK the vote in the upcoming Hot Raw Chef Sweet Valentine Video Recipe Contest!

If you enjoyed my recipe video, please cast your vote for me, Mila Ilina, at  

As a special thanks, you’ll receive a FREE ebook with ALL submitted recipes from each chef.  That's right, you'll get a FREE Sweet Valentine recipe ebook!   But you must cast your vote at to receive a FREE copy! 

Voting ENDS February 9th, 2011

With love

January 11, 2011


I recently shared my story of how I risked everything to start a new path in an article titled Risking Everything, and video I've received several responses asking about the details of how this journey unfolded, as I'm sure on some level it may have come across as though it was such a breeze.  So I thought I'd open up and share the entirety of my past, as a way to release it with love and stay genuine with my readers.

Starting my life over again was one of the most rewarding decisions I've ever made, but it hasn't always felt like a smooth transition.  I've definitely been challenged at times, and by no means am I completely there.  I'm still learning every single day to love myself and to overcome self-doubt. 

When I say I lost everything in order to start over again, I really mean it.  Not only did I quit my 9-year career and cash out my savings, IRA and 401k (to start my new life), but I eventually foreclosed on two properties, and ultimately found myself in the midst of a bankruptcy.  You heard me right
BANKRUPTCY!  Talk about serious life experience for 20's.

I feel comfortable sharing this because I'm not ashamed to speak openly about my past, nor do I have any regrets!  If anything, I'm deeply grateful to have w
alked away from everything I worked so hard for, and everything I thought I valued, because walking away humbled me on so many levels.  I was given a clean slate, a blank canvas to paint a new life on – what a gift! 

And while I've experienced many synchronicities guiding my path, I've had just as many setbacks, or blessings in disguise as I now refer to them!  I can't begin to express how many times I felt like giving up, struggling to keep my heart open and reaching for the courage to take the next step forward.

So what does it take to continue to follow your heart and dreams regardless of what life throws at you?  (By the way, it may not always appear this way, but life is always guiding us!  Struggle is only an illusion.)
I know that many of us are scared to death to pursue our dreams, allowing circumstance and fear to hold us back.  But once we wake up and realize we've settled for a life we do NOT want, it's time to face those fears!  And yes, sometimes there are risks involved, even if we can't foresee how much we are risking.  It's not always an easy path, but one that allows us to step into the integrity and
essence of who we really are.

I needed to let go of my past, my unsupportive beliefs and my attachment to a false identity before I could embrace a new life.  The job, the investment properties, the relationship I was in
it all had to go because these things were only an extension of my ego, holding me back.  

And when I finally reached a point, where I was ready to risk everything for the chance at happiness, life tested my commitment and took me on an unexpected journey of self-growth.  Hardly any of it made sense at the time, but that was life teaching me to trust! 
Sometimes we just have to surrender and roll with it, knowing everything is in divine order.

I remember I tried so hard to map everything out.  I had a strategic plan all laid out.  I was going to use my 401k to pay for my raw food culinary program, and once I got back I would sell my properties and have enough money to hold me over until I got back on my feet.  Oh how I desperately needed to learn how to let go and follow my heart, not my head.  
And although some days felt like an emotional roller-coaster, with a million unanswered questions in my heart, this path has taught me so much about letting go of expectations.  I have learned, and continue to learn, to listen to my intuition, with a lot of flexibility and faith.  

By no means am I suggesting that others take such a drastic turn in their life, but it was something I needed to do.  And was it worth it?  All I can say is that I'm so blessed to have chosen this path.
  I found love, I found my dharma, and for the first time in my life I can honestly say that I feel like I'm living a dream.

So I'd like to ask you, what have you risked to embrace your passion and follow your heart?  And if you have yet to take your first step in the direction of your dreams, what's holding you back?  Because as far as I can tell, we get one chance at life – make it worth living! 
Life is always here to guide and support us, all we have to do is let go and open our heart to the guidance.   Trust your vision and NEVER look back!

January 7, 2011

RAW FUSION: Better Living Through Living Foods

Get the brand new Raw Fusion book set hot off the press!  Dr. LindaJoy Rose proudly presents Raw Fusion: Better Living Through Living Foods (volumes 1 & 2).

Volume 1 - Raw Fusion: Better Living Through Living Foods is a comprehensive 350 page manual with EVERYTHING you need to know to start your raw food journey!  The book is packed with information and testimonials (mine is in there!)

Volume 2 - Raw Fusion: Recipes features a number of raw food chefs (including yours truly), with over 100 amazing recipes! 

So if you're looking for some inspiration to set the tone for 2011, you'll love Raw Fusion!  ALL your questions about the raw food lifestyle are answered in this comprehensive 2-volume set!

Click below for more info!

January 6, 2011


Over the holidays I spent a week in San Fransisco.  My first stop, Cafe Gratitude!  I fell in LOVE with the one in Berkeley, and for good reason!  Not only were their desserts amazing, but the atmosphere was just right.  We went back twice, it was that good!  And although I didn't get a photo of their tiramisu, it was unreal hands down better than the real thing!  Very grateful for Cafe Gratitude, indeed

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