January 5, 2009


Beyond the obvious nutritional benefits, there's an additional reason for incorporating more raw foods into your diet. It has to do with enzymes and what’s commonly referred to as enzymatic "life-force” in foods.

Enzymes are proteins that break down starches into simple sugars. When a fruit ripens, what's actually happening is the enzymes are “digesting” the starches and turning them into simple sugars… thus the fruit gets sweeter. This is why ripe fruit is best, the starches are practically pre-digested.

So when you are eating fresh, enzyme rich fruits and veggies, you actually end up using less of your body’s own digestive enzymes, which lightens up the load on digestion.

Enzymes are also believed to be the “life-force” in plant foods. And for this reason, raw foods are often referred to as “living” foods.

Let me explain. If we were to take an apple and plant its seeds into the earth, with proper moisture the seeds would grow an apple tree! However, if we were to bake the apple first and then plant the seeds into the earth, no matter how ideal the conditions may be, the seeds from this apple could never reproduce an apple tree.

This is because the enzymatic “life-force” has been destroyed by heat. There's no longer life potential in that apple or its seeds!

So we’re practically digesting nutrient-depleted "dead" material when eating foods that have had nutrients and enzymes cooked out of them. And of all nutrients, enzymes are the most heat sensitive as they begin to break down anywhere between 105 and 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

So it's clear to see why eating more organic, fresh foods is so beneficial for optimal health. Raw cuisine floods the body with essential nutrients and living enzymes.

Remember, eating a nutrient rich diet of whole natural foods is the only way to ensure lasting radiant health. When you nourish the body with a vibrant living cuisine, as nature intended, you become an expression of radiant health. Raw cuisine is in fact nature’s secret to youthful longevity.

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