January 7, 2009


A healthy, radiant lifestyle goes beyond nutrition. Balance and harmony in the body is achieved not only with what you put in your body, but also with what you put on your body.

Skin is your body’s largest organ, absorbing just about everything. Consider using natural and organic cosmetics, body and skin-care products... NOT tested on animals! Remember to always read labels. Here's a great organic, raw vegan body and skin-care product line Raw Gaia.

And don’t forget the importance of fitness for optimal and vibrant health. Staying fit and flexible circulates oxygen throughout the body, releasing stagnant energy and tension while expelling toxins out of the system.

And yet equally important to radiant health is the overall environment in which you live. Creating a clean, warm environment in your home will inspire and invite you to relax and unwind. A good place to start is by uncluttering your home, and replacing all your household cleaning products for eco-friendly ones.

Taking care of mind, body, soul and environment ensures that you are living in harmony with the laws of nature. When you are mindful of your health and your environment, radiant living becomes a natural way of life!


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