January 15, 2009


I recently graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in International Affairs. In my final course, Intro to International Political Economy, I desperately wanted to write my senior paper on something related to global sustainability.

I was doing some research on sustainable agriculture and I came across an article that I feel is a MUST READ, especially for those of us who promote healthy, natural living and support a sustainable organic future. This is a brilliantly written article that is well thought out and proposes realistic alternatives to a broken irresponsible system of agricultural production.

The article was recently featured in The New York Times called Farmer in Chief written by Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food. It's a great read so pass it on!


The article addresses local and global effects of conventional industrial agriculture. What Michael Pollan calls the “sun-food” agenda, proposes large-scale systems of local, organic and humane agriculture to replace industrial agriculture. His suggestions are brilliantly innovative yet practical and realistic!

So enjoy the article and pass it along to your friends and family! Our future depends on spreading the word and awareness on alternative solutions that can heal our planet.


By the way, President-elect Barack Obama read Michael Pollan's Farmer in Chief article! See Obama's brief response featured on the Tree Hugger.

If anyone is interested in reading the research paper I submitted for class on Sustainable Agriculture (which I am happy to say I got a 100% on), I would be more than happy to post a copy. In the report I discuss how both the liberal and the realist political perspectives fail to address the fundamental issues regarding the sustainably of agriculture, and the proven agricultural techniques for long-term sustainability.

Thank you kindly, wishing everyone a radiant year ahead!


  1. Excellent post! I'm definitely going to read the Pollan article. I totally agree we as a global community must change our perspective and embrace sustainable agriculture.

  2. I hope you enjoy the article, be sure to come back and let me know what you think!


  3. Right on.
    I believe in sustainable living for a sustainable future.
    We all have to do our part.
    Lead by example, educate, and make some noise. :)

  4. Alexander,

    I couldn't agree more! Thanks so much for the response.



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