February 23, 2009


As raw food continues to make its way into the mainstream, it is amazing to see how far reached the vision of healthy living has come.

Connecting back to a natural way of living is something that is being practiced and appreciated by so many from around the world. A natural sustainable way of life is being embraced as something fresh, modern, even sophisticated. Surely no one understands this vision better than the team behind Tried.Tasted.Served, originated in Japan by chef Omid Jaffari.

Their mission is simple, to bring Raw and Living Foods and Sustainable Living to the world with simplicity and accessibility for a more beautiful, peaceful, healthy and happy planet. Accomplished Gourmet Raw Food Chef Omid Jaffari masterfully presents a gourmet yet simple side of raw cuisine. Exquisitely elegant, sophisticated, and highly informative are only a few words to describe what TTS exemplifies in today’s raw food movement.

I only recently came across their website TriedTastedServed.com and I can honestly say that I have yet to see anything like it in the raw food movement. The site can be read in three different languages - English, French, and Japanese!

I am in complete awe of the professional elegance and e
xtensive content on their site and blog (Raw, The Art of Living). One can easily get mesmerized for hours reading through all of the wonder articles and information. The resources are extremely helpful and very comprehensive. They also provide a number of raw ebooks, one of which is completely FREE (Raw Japanese Herbal Teas & Drinks). Additionally, they offer numerous raw and natural eco-products, and they even carry their own brand of 100% organic raw Nama Shoyu soy sauce!

I stand in absolute admiration for their contribution to the world of raw foods and healthy living!

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