April 10, 2009


The following affirmative prayer is something I try to do on a daily basis. I have found it to be very helpful in staying connected, in the flow, and in the right mindset on my raw food journey! I truly credit this practice for helping me cope with emotional eating!

Set aside a few moments each day, create a calm space and really feel the words you speak. Feel free to change the text around so that the words resonate with you. And remember, the journey to radiant health must integrate mind, body and spirit!

I take this moment to quiet the mind. With each breath I allow my body to soften and relax. I release all emotional stress from my mind and body. I open my heart to love, embracing the living essence of Life within. 

I thank the Divine for all the good in my life. I trust my inner strength, for I own my power. I am inspired by love and guided by truth. Life is always here to lovingly support me. I am always safe and taken care of. Only love is in my path. 

I create a healthy, delightful world for myself. I give myself the gift of genuine love, welcoming laughter and good health into my life. 

I nourish my body with a vibrant, living cuisine that sustains my beauty... giving me a healthy, natural, radiant glow. I crave only the foods that bring nature’s love and nourishment to my heavenly body. 

My body is sacred, I treat it with love and respect. I am nature’s perfection, I am healthy and whole. It is my destiny to live vibrantly healthy.

I enjoy a healthy lifestyle, keeping my body nourished and fit. I trust my body’s wisdom and intelligence to lovingly slim my figure naturally, with ease and grace. I trust my body’s wisdom to heal from within. 

Eating clean, healthy foods brings vitality and healing. I love and deeply appreciate my beautiful, magnificent body. I honor and thank my body for maintaining balance, harmony and good health. I am my most radiant, healthy and beautiful self. 

I open my heart and mind in receiving all the good of the world. I choose to experience and embody perfect health. I lovingly accept a happy, abundant, healthy reality.

I am a beloved child of this beautiful world and I deserve all the beauty of the world. Thank you for my vibrant health. Today is a new day… and each day to come brings forth more beauty, joy, and vibrant health! 

These are my beliefs! I allow all levels of my being to fully accept and integrate these beliefs.

With love and gratitude I release this truth onto Life!

And so it is.

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