July 9, 2009


My first year of many celebrating 29

Not that there is anything wrong with aging! On the contrary, with so-called age comes experience and wisdom. Believe me, I wouldn't give up the hard lessons of my twenties for anything. 

In fact, it is truly a beautiful thing when we live into the many seasons of our life. And if we hope to age gracefully and live a full life, how we choose to live and experience each of those seasons is key.

I don't know about you, but I plan on living a long and healthy life! We know that biologically we should be living well into our 100's with strong, vibrant health and sharp mental acuity. But why aren't we?

Let's be honest, it's not like most of us don't already know what a healthy lifestyle should look like. (Hint, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, exercise, stress management, etc.) Yet we pretend that healthy living is so complicated. Why? I honesty think it is because we don't honor ourselves enough to do what we know is beneficial for our health.

One of my greatest and dearest lessons thus far has been learning to really love myself. In my journey to overcoming compulsive emotional eating and weight control, I have often asked myself why I sabotage my health even though I know better. For me, it had to do with self-sabotage and self-punishment. But learning to love myself enough to honor my health has been by far my hardest and most rewarding lesson.

Although I really do believe that age is just a number, where you're only as young as you feel... if we're not taking time to honor ourselves and prioritize healthy living, how can we possibly feel young and vibrant?

When we truly honor our health, we lovingly nourish our body with only the purest foods nature has provided us. We take time to care for ourselves with diet, fitness, and time for reflection.

Yes diet and exercise are important, but if we don't start with self love and appreciation we will find it hard to follow through.

So as I live into another year and season of my life, I've decided to renew my commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Not so much because I feel the need to hold on to my youth, but because I want the quality of my life to reflect my truth and values.


  1. "My first year of many celebrating 29!"

    LOL - I was just joking about that with my daughter this afternoon, who was depressed when "she turned 24 for the first time."

  2. Only 24 haha... Ahhh, to be young again!

  3. You are beyond an inspiration Mila! All the best to you. I know I am stating the obvious, but you look gorgeous and your skin is amazing!

  4. Nadine, you are too kind, thank you for the compliment :-)


  5. Hi Mila...I just read your personal story.....way to go girl! What an inspiration you are.......I am so happy that you took that leap of faith into the unknown and found a happier healthier more TRUE YOU!
    Love and Blessings on your path, from one Raw sister to another!

  6. Thanks much, so kind of you to say ;-)

  7. "Yes diet and exercise are important, but if we don't start with self love and appreciation we will find it hard to follow through"

    I know some people who also won the battle to ompulsive emotional eating, and you did an excellent job!!!

    Congratulations and very happy 29th!!!

  8. You surely look Radiant! I'll have to incorporate your story to my clients.
    Happy 29th!


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