July 13, 2009


"For those of you in the know, there is a split in camps when it comes to raw foods...

Some people take a superfood approach. Others a higher fruit approach. And, yes, others take a green approach.

The three camps bicker between each other from time to time, creating an interesting dynamic to say the least. I think all these camps are valuable.

The green camp can get us more grounded. The fruit camp will remind us to be simple and stay athletic. The superfood camp will give us potent foods and concoctions that can deliver nutrients fast.

We have to take a little from each camp and build our own structure for optimum health. I've taken green juice from the green camp. I've taken the athletics and need for calories from the fruit camp. I've taken marine phytoplankton, goji and medicinal herbs from the superfood camp.

They all have been tools to get me in shape or bring me back to center when I needed it. So consider the options. Play with them. It's up to you to be your own health advocate and decide what works for you!"

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni is a health advocate, author, interviewer, and film consultant. Kevin is the founder and host of The Renegade Health Show, one of the fastest growing internet health shows available. For more info visit RenegadeHealth.com/blog

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