January 21, 2010


Check out my article, The Ultimate Eco Diet, featured on the EcoDiva blog at TheEcoDiva.com

The Ultimate Eco Diet

Embracing a natural eco-lifestyle is more than just shopping organic, it is a whole new approach to the way we choose to live. It is about making conscious choices on all levels and in all aspects of our life. Yes ladies, that even includes diet! Why? Because the more we align with a clean natural way of eating, the fewer resources are wasted. Simple as that!

But with all the latest fad diets out there, which is the healthiest and the most eco-friendly diet of all? Without a doubt it is the raw food diet. Not only is the diet pure and natural, but more importantly it is unprocessed and hence far more sustainable! Let’s break it down and see what the raw food diet is all about. Read more...

EcoDiva, founded by Elena Lipson, offers a wealth of information on ethical luxury in the world of beauty, fashion, and eco-conscious lifestyle! TheEcoDiva.com

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