February 14, 2010


As some of you know, I've declared 2010 my year of infinite LOVE. And I'm not just talking about romantic love, although there's plenty of that in my life, but love as a state of mind!

Choosing to live in the mindset of love is like flowing downstream along the current of Life, rather than struggling up against it, as Abraham-Hicks would say. This is the best way I can think to describe what this feels like.

I find that the more I step into love, and act out of love, the more synchronicity shows up in my life! It's as though I no longer have to force things in my life to fall into place, they seem to just conveniently happen. I can't explain it, things just flow! Now who wouldn't want that?

Luckily, none of it is a mystery. It's actually rather simple! Here's what I've come to understand about love. There is only one energy field, with love on one end of the continuum and fear on the other... but it's all the same energy field, just expressed in different frequencies. Love, of course, being expressed at a higher vibration.

Love is an infinite expansion of light energy, while fear is light energy contracted. And we know this to be true... notice how love makes us feel light and free, while fear leaves us feeling tense, as though everything inside of us is contracting.

So when you open your heart to love, you shift and transform fear into the frequency of love and expansion... which just so happens to be of a similar frequency of magic and flow! So the more we align with the vibration of love, the more we align with synchronicity.

But the secret to flow is not just in a loving state of mind. A clean, natural diet must accompany your new found love. Why? Because you need a clean body, free of toxicity and stagnation, for love to flow through freely. Together in sink these unlock a world of magic!

as you love your body with beautiful nourishing foods, give your heart and mind an extra dose of love, and watch the magic unfold! Play and have fun with it, and treat yourself to a beautiful, loving Valentine's Day!


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