June 30, 2010

SpaFusion (REMIX)

Do you guys remember the Summer-Ready Body Challenge I recently launched?  It was a  six-week cleanse a group of us did to slim down for summer.  Well, when I created a facebook group for us, nearly 90 people accepted the challenge!  I couldn't believe the turn-out.  What a delightful surprise!

For those of you who joined me, you know how powerful this program is.  Each week we focused on a new goal, everything from detoxing the kitchen of all temptation, to vision boards and affirmations for a perfect body!  It was so much fun... a cleanse for the mind, body and soul.  I personally lost an additional 4 pounds, on top of the weight I've already lost since going raw!  (See My Weight-Loss Before & After Video.)

After receiving such an amazing response, I thought I'd consolidate the six-week cleanse into a shorter 2-week version!  The result... a brand new, revised SpaFusion Cleanse!  Now you can enjoy this easy, refreshing program anytime of year. The program is packed with everything you need (recipes, tips, guide, sample days, etc).

You've never done a cleanse like this!  For two weeks you'll enjoy beautiful, refreshing recipes inspired by Spa Cuisine (light, fresh and simple).  It's like having a mini-vacation right in your own kitchen! And unlike most raw food recipes that typically mix nuts/seeds and oil all in the same recipe, SpaFusion recipes use little or no oil, and only one fat ingredient per recipe to keep them light.  Plus, there are no complex or dehydrated recipes... so it's super easy!

The program includes 2 ebooks:

SpaFusion Recipe ebook - 30 recipes!
SpaFusion Weight-Loss Guide ebook
FREE subscription to the Raw Radiance eZine

I'll share with you some helpful tips I’ve picked up along the way that have helped me slim down over 35 lbs!  And I'll even include my personal advice on how to effectively overcome emotional eating, while still enjoying and taking pleasure in eating!

With 30 delicious SpaFusion recipes, I can't think of a more delightful way
to rejuvenate and hit the reset button for a healthy, fresh new start!

SpaFusion Cleanse Program ($19.95)

(IMPORTANT: You will receive the program materials
within 24 hrs of purchase.)

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