July 8, 2010


In celebration of my 30th Birthday today, I wanted to do something fun! So I'd like to offer a 30% discount on my latest SpaFusion Cleanse Program, which includes 30 delicious SpaFusion recipes! 

You've never done a cleanse like this!  For two weeks you'll enjoy beautiful, refreshing recipes inspired by Spa Cuisine!  It's like having a mini-vacation right in your own kitchen!  

Unlike most raw food recipes that typically mix nuts and seeds, and often oil all in the same recipe, SpaFusion recipes use little or no oil, and only one fat ingredient (nut, seed, avocado or oil) per recipe to keep it light.  Plus, there are no complex or dehydrated recipes... so it's super easy!

And with 30 delicious SpaFusion recipes, I can't think of a more delightful way to rejuvenate and hit the reset button for a healthy, fresh new start!  Here a complimentary recipe from the SpaFusion Recipe ebook...

Berrylicious Sorbet

1 young Thai coconut (meat only)
1 Tbsp raw honey
1/4 cup frozen blueberries
1/4 cup frozen blackberries
1/4 cup frozen raspberries
1/4 cup frozen strawberries 

Freeze organic, fresh berries overnight.  Blend all ingredients, adding coconut water if needed to help blend.  Serve immediately! 

Save 30% off of the price listed below!
Offer valid  ONLY until midnight, July 10th! 

SpaFusion Cleanse Program ($19.95)

(IMPORTANT: You will receive the program materials
within 24 hrs of purchase.)



  1. I've been vegan for a couple years and feel wonderful, but I just made the decision to go raw after reading about the amazing effect it can have on the body, mind and spirit. I will be looking to you for inspiration, thanks for all the awesome tips and recipes! Happy Birthday by the way!

  2. Thank you! You'll love it, it's a beautiful journey ;-)

  3. Happy Birthday! Smoothies are all I want right now in this heat, that sorbet looks divine!

  4. Thanks Tess, the sorbet is perfect for the heat! Enjoy it ;-)

  5. Hi Mila, is the chocolate & wine book ready yet? I can't wait to make all these yummy recipes you put together, XOXO

  6. Hi Narda, oh yeah! Here the link to the Raw Chocolate & Wine ebook...



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