September 30, 2010


For the longest time I wanted to throw my very own raw chocolate party.  So for my 30th Birthday, I brainstormed some recipes, called up a few friends... and the result, a fabulous Raw Chocolate & Wine party!  I even had my dear friend Solnce perform live for us.  

I was in the kitchen for two straight days handcrafting the most amazing raw chocolates and infused cacao treats.  I got such great feedback from all my guests, I thought hey, everyone should throw themselves a fabulous raw chocolate party!  It's such a fun way to introduce your friends and family to raw foods.  Plus, you'll get show off your raw culinary skills!  Who wouldn't want to impress their guests as a chocolatier for a night?  

The Raw Chocolate & Wine recipe ebook provides a complete menu ready to go for the ultimate raw chocolate cocktail party!  I've perfected those recipes that everyone liked best, to make sure they're definite crowd pleasers!  Best part, they're all super easy and delicious!  So no, you don't have to be a professional chocolatier to throw an amazing raw chocolate party of your own!  

Plus, the lovely Carmen Marie-Denise Shelton, a French wine connoisseur, shares her expertise and recommendations on raw chocolate wine pairing.

Born and raised in France, Carmen grew up exploring wineries in the beautiful countryside of France.  Her love and appreciation for quality wine lead her to explore the long tradition of biodynamic practices. Carmen shares her secrets for selecting organic and biodynamic wines to complement the rich flavor and luscious feel of raw chocolate.

Raw Chocolate & Wine ebook ($14.95)

(IMPORTANT: You will receive your ebook
within 24 hrs of purchase, in most cases sooner)


  1. Thanks Valerie, I put so much love into this ebook... it turned out beautifully!

  2. Rawsome presentation!

    Very slick flash media player with delectable bites of blissful beauty ...

    Thanks for fruther whetting my appetite for one swet and sensual rawstruck life.


    Katherine Marion

  3. So happy I could excite your senses! ;-)

  4. This is my first time visiting your blog and I LOVE it!!!
    Seriously!! I'm now a "Follower", so that I will always find you!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  5. It's a pleasure to meet you Gabriele, I look forward to connecting ;-)

    With love,


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