May 23, 2011


3 large kale leaves, minced (stem removed)
2 whole sun-dried tomatoes (soaked to soften)
1 small tomato
1 Tbsp minced onion
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 tsp balsamic vinegar 
Himalayan salt to taste
Small handful pine nuts (for garnish)

Finely mince the kale and massage to soften.  Using a mini-food processor, pulse all remaining ingredients (except for the pine nuts) and mix in with the kale.  Garnish with pine nuts and serve!


  1. Just tried this for dinner and it is very good! I like the taste of the dressing.

  2. Let me know what you think Heather!

    Oh how lovely!! So happy you enjoyed it Lynn ;-)

  3. Hi,

    I'm trying to find a way to make my diet low glycemic index, lower in wheat products and lower in dairy in hopes of becoming healthier, and hopeful losing some weight in the process. Your website is very inspirational, and full of great ideas!
    I really want to make the 'Banana Cacao Peanut butter Tart" - and some of the other recipes on here, BUT I don't have a dehydrator. Can I still make this recipe w/o one?

    Thank You!


  4. hi Ashley, you're in luck... the tart doesn't even call for a dehydrator! and it's super easy to make ; ) low-glycemic and gluten-free is easier than you think!


  5. Sorry, I think I might have posted my original comment in the wrong place.
    So, it says "Soak almonds overnight, rinse and drain. Next, dice a banana and dehydrate (along with the almonds) for about 4 hours at 115 degrees."
    This step is for making the crust. So, can I skip this step then? Will it still turn out?

    Thanks again!


  6. Oops, you're totally right... i do mention a dehydrator in the recipe. But it's absolutely optional. To be honest, I hardly ever use my dehydrator anyway! All you would have to change is the amount of banana you'll need for the crust. Use 1/2 banana if using fresh (diced). You can also skip the step of soaking and dehydrating the almonds, just use them dry as is ; )

  7. I would start by pulsing dry almonds (with salt) in a small food processor to break then down to a fine crumble. Make sure not to overprocess (you don't want almond flour, they should still have a crunch). Next, add small pieces of diced banana and melted cacao butter- pulse to incorporate until all the almonds are coated, again make sure not to overprocess. Banana and cacao butter should bind the mixture together to form a sticky-like dough. Now you're ready to press it down into a tart pan to form a crust. Refrigerate to harden the crust and proceed to make the filling ; )

  8. Thank you so much for the tips! I'm so looking forward to making this!

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