April 22, 2009


One Meal a Month for Mother Earth
By Susan Belknap, Press-Tribune Editor
For many of us, saving energy and going green means recycling our cans and bottles and using florescent light bulbs. For Roseville resident Gopal Kapur, it’s much more.

Kapur, a Sun City resident originally from India, has recently developed Family Green Survival, a program of personal practices he designed to help people develop knowledge and empathy for the world’s low-income and poor population by eating like they do one day each month.

“My wife and I came up with the idea,” Kapur said. “We’ve been practicing it for about five months now. It came about through caring about waste of food, abuse of food and disrespect of food.”

Kapur said he’s noticed after living in the United States for more than 40 years that many people have an abundance of food, much of which is wasted.

“I’m not promoting Family Green Survival because I want people to be guilty of their abundance,” he said. “Instead this program is designed out of a respect for that abundance. Many people in the United States work very hard for all that they have. I just think we need to be thankful for that abundance.”

Kapur said there are two components to Family Green Survival, which include Eating Green and Survival Eating.

According to Kapur, Eating Green is based on the adage, “think globally, act locally” and involves a pledge to eat one day a month only raw foods that have been minimally processed after harvesting. Food such as vegetables, nuts, fruits, seeds, honey and water from the tap are allowed on an Eating Green day. Items such as wood or charcoal fires, gas burners, barbecues, electrical appliances including blenders, food processors, coffee makers, stoves or ovens are not permitted. In addition, no disposable plates, cups, paper towels or plastic utensils should be used on an Eating Green day. Read more...


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