April 26, 2009


The first time I ever heard of the durian fruit was back at the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in 2007. They had brought one out for us to try. Sure the aroma was less than fragrant, but the taste was somewhat pleasant I thought. It was probably the soft custard-like texture that I enjoyed more than anything else.

It was a memorable experience to say the least. My partner who LOVED durian insisted on making a durian tiramisu cake during a dessert class... um? How in the world can you recreate the distinct flavors of tiramisu using a durian base I wondered, but she wouldn't take no for an answer! So we attempted the durian tiramisu cake! I regret to inform you the cake didn't turn out so well, although a select few found it to be what they described as an "interesting fusion" ...good laughs!

And with all the craze lately about durian, I thought I'd get my hands on one and play around with it a bit more. So I made a trip to a local Asian grocery store and picked one up for $18. Yes, the seven pound durian fruit was not cheap!

It was quite the adventure, and I have to say my conclusion on the whole durian buzz... well for $18 a durian, I think I can take it or leave it! Lol.


  1. I'm with you! Every time I see the price tag on those things, I move along and think of how many mangoes and/or coconuts I can buy instead.

  2. Had it once...
    The memory is so vivid that simply looking at the picture makes my mouth water with strange flavors and textures.

    Well durians do have a lasting impression..like those crazy energetic and heartwarming people we sometimes meet at parties!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    Gabrielle xoxox

  3. I have recently actually successfully combined Durian and a Tiramisu recipe. Very do-able and results were great. But you need the right time of Durian and I'n not sure if you get a good variety in the US.

  4. Wow, would love to try that recipe!

  5. We lived in Thailand for 15 years but did not taste durian until our 12th. year. The taste is exquisite. We are living in Hawaii now and we have planted our own tree. We do get locally made durian ice cream and it is so yummy! Great blog - love it!

  6. How fun, your own durian tree! That would be lovely.

  7. Durian is a favorite of mine.. developed many nice recipes in my book TO LIVE FOR! I planted a couple dozen trees on my farm. Worth the 10 year wait for fruit. I have a source in Costa Rica for fresh durian in season - July-Aug., and will be conducting a special class here with fresh durian! Let me know if you want to come for a healthy vacation.

  8. Lovely, I'd love to visit sometime ;-) Durian has really grown on me... can't wait to try it fresh!


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