January 2, 2010


I love this time of year... what a perfect opportunity to dream and create a new vision for the year we welcome ahead.

It's become a tradition at the end of each year to dejunk and declutter my life, letting go of all negative energy, opening myself up to beautiful new experiences. I usually take this time to give thanks for all the wonderful opportunities of the previous year, and create a new theme for the year to come. What's my theme for 2010? Love.

The theme of love represents a mindset in which we can choose to approach life. It is the highest vibration at which we connect to all the beauty and magnificence of life. Love after all, is the heartbeat behind the natural flow of life!

To kick off the New Year, I'm also taking part in Shazzie's 10 Day World Juice Fast that starts tomorrow Jan 3rd. A juice cleanse is a lovely way to hit the reset button on our health, for a clean new start.

You can check out Shazzie's 10 Day World Juice Fast and join in on the fun at Shazzie.com/blog

With a cleanse and lots of love fueling my New Year, some of my goals for 2010 include getting creative in my raw food kitchen, advancing my yoga practice, signing up for a local organic CSA buy in, and now that I'm getting ready to move into a new home with lots of windows and natural light, I plan on doing some indoor gardening with fresh organic herbs and sprouts.


  1. I love this post. It is everything I hope to accomplish this year at the Naked Food Cafe community!

    Love & Sunshine!

  2. Wonderful! Love and sunshine to you too!

  3. Awesome - I'd love to see more raw food recipes and posts!

  4. Sure thing! Thanks for the suggestion :-)

  5. Thanks Mila for all the work your doing in the raw food community and for coming out with this new book that spotlights the best raw food chefs. However there is one chef that I noticed is not on your list who has one of the most popular raw food books called "Hooked on Raw" and websites www.rawfoodinfo.com along with a new DVD called "Whats Not Cookin in Rhio's Kitchen". Rhio has inspired countless people to get into this lifestyle I hope you will include her in your book.


    Julio Velazquez

  6. Thanks Julio, I will most definitely add Rhio to my list ;-)


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