April 24, 2010


Look for my article on "Emotional Eating" in the upcoming Spring 2010 Issue of Purely Delicious Magazine

It is such a pleasure to contribute to this beautiful magazine, I can't begin to express how grateful I am!

If you've ever browsed my blog, you know that emotional eating is a subject that is very dear to my heart.  

I have struggled with emotional and compulsive binge eating for many years and have found the raw food lifestyle to be a saving grace in overcoming this self-destructive behavior.  

I am so grateful to contribute my article on an issue that so many of us struggle with. I can't wait to share with you my thoughts and tips on how to approach and overcome emotional eating naturally! 

So be sure to pick up a copy of Purely Delicious Magazine at your nearest Whole Foods store (and if your local store doesn't carry it yet, you can kindly request that they do), or you can get your subscription at www.purelydelicious.net 

Purely Delicious is a Raw Food Lifestyle Magazine - recently won BEST OF RAW 2009 Award for favorite raw food magazine! 


  1. Thank you, I am very grateful ;-)

  2. Thanks Lisa, you'll have to let me know what you think!

  3. Really great--and I found your linkwithins very inspiring, esp contrasting with your early days. You look transformed! I'm just starting out eating raw, so I am keen to read your article in Delicious!

  4. Thanks Jill, that means a lot to me ;-)


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