April 22, 2010


Here's how SpaFusion cuisine differs from raw food cuisine...

Although the raw food lifestyle is by far the most natural approach to health, it’s not exactly low-fat. Raw food recipes typically call for various nuts and seeds, and often oil all in the same recipe. This can result in a very high-calorie meal.

High-calorie is not necessarily bad when consuming good quality natural fats, but it can make weight-loss more difficult for those of us who struggle with weight. So I wanted to create a program that focused on lighter meals.

The two-week SpaFusion Cleanse Program is a fusion of raw food cuisine and spa cuisine (light, fresh and simple), with a focus on food combining for lighter digestion!

Spa cuisine is traditionally a light, healthy cuisine using minimal ingredients and emphasizing specifically fresh ingredients. The cuisine highlights elegance and simplicity, so it seemed like a natural fit to raw foods!

The recipes I’ve put together use little or no oil, and most use only one fat ingredient (nut, seed, oil, avocado) per recipe to keep it light. You'll notice I use tropical fruits in many recipes. This is typical in spa cuisine, which is commonly served at spa resorts.

That's right, for two weeks you'll get to indulge in a refreshing spa-inspired cuisine! It's like having a mini-vacation right in your own kitchen! I can’t imagine a more exciting and delicious weight-loss program to slim down!

The recipes I’ve created are 100% raw, but the program itself is not exclusively 100% raw, unless you want it to be. This is your journey, feel free to leave some room for flexibility. To sign-up for the program see SpaFusion (REMIX).

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